Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dalai Lama quote

From an editorial published today.

A scientist from Chile once told me that it is inappropriate for a scientist to be attached to his particular field of study, because that would undermine his objectivity. I am a Buddhist practitioner, but if I mix up my devotion for Buddhism with an attachment to it, my mind will be biased toward it. A biased mind never sees the complete picture, and any action that results will not be in tune with reality. If religious practitioners can heed this scientist's advice and refrain from being attached to their own faith traditions, it could prevent the growth of fundamentalism. It also could enable such followers to genuinely respect faith traditions other than their own. [...]

In the end, whether one is a believer or a nonbeliever, what matters is that one be a good, kind and warmhearted person. A deep sense of caring for others, based on a profound sense of interconnection, is the essence of the teachings of all great religions of the world. [...]

Large human movements spring from individual human initiatives. If you feel that you cannot have much of an effect, the next person may also become discouraged, and a great opportunity will have been lost. On the other hand, each of us can inspire others simply by working to develop our own altruistic motivations -- and engaging the world with a compassion-tempered heart and mind.


Susan said...

This is really exactly what I needed to read this morning. Exactly.

NoRegrets said...

I'm glad. One of the reasons I wanted to put it up is so that I can go back and read it. I especially need reminding of the last para, since I often lose faith in that area.

Tera said...

*Sigh* Just a little too deep for me this morning.

NoRegrets said...

Have coffee and come back later... :-)