Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ok, a bunch of random stuff today.

Got into work, turned on my internet radio station, WFMU, and the song playing was "Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese, and Milk". Cool.

On the way to work today, heard on the radio that it's now safe to eat squirrels in NJ.

It was a nippy bike riding morning this morning. I procrastinated at home until the sun came up at least. Gotta ease into the colder weather biking. I cannot go from 60's/70's to 30's immediately.

Ever danced on bubble wrap? It's fun. Especially the stuff with the big bubbles.

A story of Halloween past. I spent a year in Germany in the mid 80's at a college where everyone (all 50 of us) lived and studied in one building. Very intense experience. This was back in the day when the whole world had not quite yet been Americanized, so when I brought up having a Halloween party, everyone, or most everyone, wondered what I was talking about. So, in the days before the ubiquitous Internet, I wrote to my mom and asked her to send me the history. I went to a nearby farm and got some pumpkins, which were all used to feed animals. We gutted them, carved them, cooked the flesh and the seeds, and made pumpkin stuff. (This was also before I knew there is a difference between pumpkins and the ones we used were likely not to be eaten - but hey, none of us died.) And we had a Halloween party where everyone dressed up and had a GREAT time. I was going to insert a picture, but I realized it looked just like any normal Halloween, except mid 80's getup and German faces. Ach du lieber!

Just stood outside to get some sun. What made me laugh hard and turn red? As I was standing talking with the door guy, a guy walked by, then turned around looked at my lower half, and just turned and shook his head with a smile. I needed that. And I might note, that it's only African American men who ever say anything or show an appreciation for my big trunk. White men look but don't make it obvious and NEVER say anything.


Susan said...

Happy Halloween to you too! I have never danced on bubble wrap but it sounds awesome! How are the tights holding up today?

NoRegrets said...

I love tights, but oh, my, the tights are old and are almost reaching the too old mark - especially since they are mostly cotton. They had better stay up - since I have a knit skirt on I didn't want VPL. !!!

WNG said...

I have my fingers crossed for the tights:) and a warmer ride home for you!

NoRegrets said...

Thanks WNG! I have my legs crossed for my tights. :-) Just kidding. It will indeed be warmer tonight, so that's good.

Susan said...

Oh nor..I'm caught giggling because of the tight issues. I feel your pain, dear, I really really do.

darwinbignose said...

I'm all up for appreciation of what you call "big trunks" but I must confess that there is a lot of self-interst in that. What about Latino men? What kind of reaction do you get from them? They used to apreciate nice sized trunks (e.g. Jennifer Lopez) but maybe the Americanication of Latinos in the US has included appreciation for smaller behinds.

When I was a girl there was this variety show in the TV hosted by this woman called Iris Chacon, whose main asset was her trunk. She even had an ad for car "coolant." Think about the word in Spanish sounds like "coolant"... If you are curious, check the ad at

NoRegrets said...

DBN, actually, no Latin Americans. At least not that I can remember! And I honestly don't know the word you are referencing... you'll have to tell me.
I watched the commercial and then a Late Night clip with her on it. Funny that he called her the Dolly Parton of Puerto Rico. :-)

Gyuss Baaltar said...

My first time getting to second base was in a haunted house. I love Halloween.

NoRegrets said...

G, I don't think it counts when it's an animatron witch.