Monday, October 29, 2007

Work Hermit Crab

Everyone has left. Everyone being the two immediate people I work with. And I kinda like it like this sometimes. I get it for 15 minutes today, and all day Thursday. I am left with my music, and my computer, and what more could you want? Most times I do need and want human interaction, but sometimes it's really nice to be a hermit at work.

And, while looking for a photo of a female hermit via google (the immediate ones that come up are males - what, don't females become hermits?), I found an interesting science factoid. Did you know that most crab-care books state that it is impossible to tell the sex between male and female land hermit crabs? But apparently it is not that difficult provided your hermit crab is willing to come rather far out of its shell for you. Then you look for the gonopores. It's not so difficult to tell the sex of a work hermit though.


Susan said...

Being a hermit here isn't an option. I'd like it to be an option today. I'm afraid I might go off on someone for no good reason..

Also, interesting about the crabs. hehehe

Susan said...

Crabs sex. what the heck, blogger? How can it delete words?

NoRegrets said...

It won't matter if you go off, since you look so hot today.