Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Elvis lives

And I do too, barely...

Below are some photos of Elvis' participation in the wedding. You can see now why we need a new camera - sorry for the poor quality! But, it's ok - he was pretty good, but kind of an in-between Elvis (in-between young and old).

Elvis and the Bride

Elvis Hugs

Elvis Signs Photos

Elvis Works on Being Fat Elvis

The wedding itself was very nice - both the church wedding and the Elvis vows. The bride was beautiful, as they always are. :-) I got a reputation for being lucky at gambling - as we played the penny slots while waiting to get into the reception room. I kept increasing people's money ($1 to $1.50, $1 to $2.52, $20 to $39.50). It didn't work when I did it with my own money though - I'm better at betting with other people's money. I think because I stop at a good time rather than go on and lose all the winnings - as I did with the $5 chips that we got as favors at the wedding.

Our friends were very generous, and those of us who stayed around until Monday were invited to go see Cirque de Soleil. There are 4 or 5 shows in Las Vegas - one based around water, one erotic one (not to go with with parents!), one based on Beatles music, and the one we went to - Mystique. If you've never been to a show, and like acrobatics, you should go. Your mouth with drop open in amazement. At least mine did. One example - how someone can hold onto a pole and stretch their body out horizontally and keep it there is amazing.

My husband and I went one night into Vegas and walked the strip. These nice men handed me a special offer to get $500 to just take off my clothes! Wow, what a bargain - hell, I don't mind being naked - so got some money to gamble with. They said there was no video camera, and why would they lie?

I'll write about the rock climbing tomorrow. Gotta go catch up on blogs. Oh yeah, and work. Already had a 'surprise meeting' that I had forgotten to put on my calendar..ack!


Susan said...

You're back!!! Thank goodness. I want a star trek wedding. when I find the man that's down with that it'll be true love.

I've got long winded on my blog so good luck catchin' up.

Glad you had a good weekend!!!

NoRegrets said...

I bet if you put up an ad on Match.com saying that was your dream wedding, you'd get over a 100 responses!
Yes, I have quite a bit of reading to do... whew!

Susan said...

I wonder if that's true. Are there a bunch of star trek fans out there? Ahhh the things I'd do to warf..

I seriously need a vacation.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Wow! Only $500? Those guys got a great Vegas show on the cheap.

NoRegrets said...

Well, I think I got the bargain. Hadn't shaved in days... Oh wait, German men like that. Damn! I should indeed have gotten more money!

Tera said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Elvis! Awesome! We wanted get married in Vegas by Elvis...seriously...but I couldn't find any honeymoon suites (it was Valentine's Day). Ended up going to Reno instead, staying at a cheesy theme room motel and getting married by the desk clerk-slash-minister.

Also: I totally would have stripped for the $500. Heck, my husband would have been helping me with my zipper.