Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging Buddies

Well, WNG was jealous that Susan deflowered me in the meme area, so she had to deflower me in the award/bling area. I hate to admit it, but I've been hoping for one for ages. They are silly little things yes, but I like them. And since I have ONE, it's my little preciousssss...

Susan already got one from WNG, but it's there from me too.
Tera always manages a comment when she's come out from under her rock, and that rocks.
Heather is my blogging buddy on other people's blogs - we're kind of like the guests that take over a party and don't leave.
And, forgotten earlier, but Churlita is always there with words of wisdom and nonsense.
And, well, the Gnome occasionally leaves comments that I need, occasionally is a pain in my ass, occasionally teaches me a thing or two, and overall is a cute little gnome blogging buddy.
Thank you...


heather said...

this is sooo cute! i love that it's kittens. :-)

thank you bunches. :-)

and another one just for the hell of it. :-)

WNG said...

Way to share the love NoR!