Thursday, February 14, 2008

Utah photos

First off, these are my super duper moon/snow boots. They are warm and comfortable and oh so perfect after a day of skiing since they are roomy. And, even better, I only paid $10 for them at a super duper sale at Sierra Trading Post.

This is the Saturday traffic jam into Little Cottonwood Canyon to go to Alta. Beautiful. Lots of cars. The four cars ahead of us were all together and to relieve boredom they would veer left and right in a snake like pattern. It was pretty damn funny, but then, it's pretty boring being in a traffic jam so anything like that can be funny.
This is my favorite photo from the trip. It was the back side of the mountain on a really easy run and beautiful. The sun was disappearing over the mountain, and I think that's why the blue appeared.

If anyone can give me hints on uploading videos to YouTube, I'll post a video of me skiing. I tried doing it just now but even after 10 minutes it was still working. Is that normal? Do I just let it go and go and go?


Susan said...

I think that's normal..

These pictures are awesome and I want those boots!!!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

It takes awhile for Youtube to convert the video. Sometimes an hour or so

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Susan!
And holy crap! Wow, that's a long time. Glad I quit it and went to bed. Will do it this weekend.

Tera said...

Skiing...too dangerous!

Those boots...ass kickery!

NoRegrets said...

I must say, I do like the boots too. Thanks Tera!

Churlita said...

I love your trip pics. Those boots are awesome.

NoRegrets said...

Maybe I'll be like Woo woo and starting showing off my shoes.