Friday, February 15, 2008

Utah skiing video

Before you watch this you should know that I'm afraid of narrow spaces, that I had just earlier taken two huge falls before getting to this spot, and um, I need better ski boots to go with my new great skis so I have more control, and I was skiing onto powder which I don't have much experience with. Yeah, yeah, enough with the excuses.

Wasn't that exciting? The yodel comment was in reference to a Mythbusters episode we had watched on the way out to Utah. Apparently there was a myth that yodeling could cause an avalance. I don't think I caused one with my screaming.

And, oh, I tend to scream during difficult sports situations. Mountain biking over logs - screaming. Falling on a rock climb - screaming. Skiing over uneven snow, or out of control, or too fast - screaming. I will freely admit, this was a very girly scream. And a loud 'oooof' getting up.

I forgot to write about my moment of terror on the slopes. Fear can overtake you at any time. I had just eaten lunch and taken a hour long break after this video was shot. Made the mistake of going onto a black diamond that was more like a double black to me. I got to the top of this space, looked down, and couldn't move. Terror. Tears coming to my eyes, and I wasn't even pms-ing. Pure fear. I swear it was more than a 45 degree angle - I'd say 50 or 60, and it had moguls what seemed like up to my hips, and it was a narrow narrow space. It was fate karma kismet yahtzee though, since on one of the earlier lifts I had looked down and saw a person shuffling in his/her butt down a mogul area that was likely a blue. I think I made a comment - not an evil one, but just kind of laughing. Ha. The thing was, I couldn't take me skis off at this place. And if I fell, I'd be falling all the way down to the bottom. I really didn't want to move, but eventually I did. Made one turn. Survived. Made another, survived. And made my way down. Whew.


EsLocura said...

I would be screaming and swearing enough for an avalanche. I love Utah, it my most favorite place to hike.

NoRegrets said...

I have only been skiing in Utah, and so want/need to go back to mountain bike, hike, and climb.

Churlita said...

That happened to me once at a ski resort in S, California where I worked when I was 20.

NoRegrets said...

It's happened to me way more than once!