Monday, February 4, 2008

Zinc Finger

Since I'm all about music, I thought I'd follow Heather's lead and get my band name, album cover art, and album title. So...

Zinc Finger presents:

Confused Power with Greatness

I love all of it. And, on a side note, learned something new about zinc fingers, proteins that can bind with DNA.

To Do it Yourself:
use the first link. no matter what the title of the article is, it is now your band's name.

now on to the second link. the last four words of the quote is your album title.

now for the cover art. go to this link and the third pic is your album cover art.


WNG said...

If you guys all keep doing this I'm going to be forced to fall in line... aw crap...I give up. I'll post it tomorrow :)

NoRegrets said...

It's FUN! :-)

Tera said...


heather said...

i love how all three lined up for you to make a perfect album cover :-) i see it as a blend of coldplay, linkin park and culture club.

oh wait, that's what i've been listening to for the last 2 or 3 hours while i try to study...

gotta get rid of the cc. it's not helping any.