Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Things I learned/relearned on vacation

Sand Crab
- The best way to apply sunscreen before going to the beach is when you are completely naked. Otherwise, you get weird sunburn lines because you don't get around the edge of your bathing suit very well.
- Surfing is not easy.
- The ocean is a powerful force and can kick my ass without a problem.
- You can feed sand crabs bread crumbs.
- The registration on my car is expired. For almost 2 months. (ticket)
- Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes isn't as good as My Sister's Keeper.
- It's possible to miss someone you don't want to be married to.

As you can tell, I didn't go skiing... :-) I really have to tell about the sand crabs, because I never knew you could feed them! I was sitting on the beach, and saw a fairly big one make a weird movement. At first I thought it was attacking some seaweed, but then realized it was digging a hole. When it moved sand out of the hole, it wouldn't just drop it down - it would throw it. It was so funny to watch. I saw another smaller one and it didn't throw the sand with quite so much force, so maybe it varies from crab to crab.

I was eating a sandwich and dropped a piece of bread, so decided to throw a piece over to the crab, just for the hell of it. Boy did it run for it!!! Grabbed it and ran it down into its hole. The smaller one looked at me, half out of its hole, wondering where its bread was. So I threw a piece in its direction and it did the same thing! Ran over, picked it up, and brought it down into its hole. But immediately came back out, staring at me. Clever crab. In the time the bigger one took I guess to eats its bread, I threw at least 3 pieces more to the little one. And the little one had its hole higher up, so the water never reached it, while the big one's hole got washed up/out. (Mmmmm.... salty bread.)

It was so strange to have them run right for the bread. I had a minor flashback to cockroaches and skin, but managed to get that out of my head. I had to get out of the sun soon afterwards, and on my way off the beach I found 1/3 of a hot dog bun. So of course I had to leave it by the little one's hole. The last I saw as I walked away was his head sticking out of the hole and him staring at the monster bun. I like to think an altar to me has been built in the little crab's hole. :-)


heather said...

how cute! nor, the crab benefactor. :-)

and yeah, i get completely how you can miss someone you no longer want to be married to. sometimes i wish j and i had just stayed dating. him with his place and me with mine.

evil-e said...

How could you let your registration go for two months??

That is the first crab feeding story I have encountered.

dmarks said...

I've fed crab to myself before.

smtwngrl said...

Ah, the beauty of animal behavior. I love observing stuff like this.

I'm sure you're now a god in the Crab Kingdom, having provided ample bread to feed all the crabs of the tiny country called Beach Hole.

NoRegrets said...

Heather, I am queen of the crabs! Oh wait, that might not be something to be proud of...

Evile - um, read my blog much?

dmarks - always there with a good one. I only like to eat the big ones. Blue crabs are way too much work for me.

Welcome smtwngrl! gotta go find out which small town you came from...

WNG said...

Queen of crabs, huh? Glad you had such a great time! JP's books are like children to me, all loved equally if differently :)
Yes, I am a big dork.

Do a search on my blog for 'crotch blisters' if you want some sunscreen advice... that's all I have to say about that...

Gyuss Baaltar said...

And lo did the Crab Goddess arrive on the holy sands of our shores. I moved out of my hole and gazed upon her. Prostrating my claws before me, I knew I was upon holy ground.

For I was hungry, and manna didst raineth down from heaven.
From my hole did I seek sustenance and the great and mighty Crab Goddess provideth the Holey Hot Dog Bun of Anitoch.

And that is why I have gathered you, fellow crabs. To speak of the bounty that awaits if you properly worship the Crab Goddess. She has left us for now, but it was prophesied she shall return to all of us.

I was not the biggest crab, but I was the crab with faith. And ye did my faith be rewarded, as so shall yours when the Crab Goddess returns!

NoRegrets said...

Oh my! crotch blisters... whatever desire I might have had at one point to sunbathe naked has now been erased.

I shall indeed return with great bounty. G- who said you didn't have any creative juices in you today???

Susan said...

Crabs, crotches & creative juices--ah nor when you return you make an impact.I'm glad you're back and hope you enjoyed your vacation!!!

Tara said...

It's both scary and cute to imagine a crap staring at me. So..they're pretty much like gulls when it comes to looking for handouts, aren't they? We used to order McDonald's and go down to the beach. The gulls would smell the fries and come begging and squawking.

Welcome back!

Tara said...

I meant to say crab, not crap. Heh.

heather said...

tara, a crab staring at me is one thing.

a crap starts staring at me and i'm gonna need some serious antipsychotic drugs.

g, that was beautiful.

always knew nor had an inner goddess.

NoRegrets said...

Hm... a cute and scary crap. You might have inspired a post Tara.

NoRegrets said...

WNG, did you know that if you do a search for Crotch Blisters it's the first item on the list?
Of course, I only saw the post on it, NOT how you got them.

Churlita said...

Oh, how I love it when comments go bad...Or good in this case. Your new subheading should be - Woman With No Regrets: A Life of Crotch Blisters and Crap Stares.

NoRegrets said...

LOL! Done!