Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When you have 18 min to spare

A friend sent this to me a while back. It's fascinating on a scientific level, a personal level, and spiritual level.

This is an 18min. video about the human experience.
What happens when a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist suffers a stroke?

The link will bring you to a web page so you can read a little more about it. Guess I shouldn't have made the link to the words '18 min video.'

I must say, though in a recent previous post I wrote about the lost art of letter writing, it's nice to have the internet on those nights when you just can't sleep. You can send emails, and maybe even someone on the west coast will respond. You can research things you've needed to research and write those emails you haven't had time for and post the things on your blog you've forgotten to post. It's kind of nice.


Susan said...

I miss letter writing so badly. I actually wrote a letter to an aunt awhile back. It was refreshing.

NoRegrets said...

When you write a heartfelt letter, it's ok not to get a response back. But a heartfelt email? Grrr... annoying if you don't get a response. But it's the same damnn principle, so why should it matter to me?

Churlita said...

Letter writing is too slow for me. I send it off, and I want an instant reply. I was like that before email too. I just have no patience. of course, I like getting letters.