Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beer volunteering

I have a friend who really likes beer. She sent along this call for volunteers a few months ago for a hoity toity event with craft brewers and hoity toity food. Tickets were way expensive, but if you volunteered two shifts, you would get a pass to attend one of the three time slots. I signed up since she was going to be there. But, turned out she had to go out of town. At first I was grumpy, but then another person we know took her spot, so I figured it would be ok.

And it was pretty cool. Especially since they let the volunteers eat and drink while we were volunteering! Nothing like a buzz when you're there to volunteer! I ate and drank so much during my shifts I didn't want to stay for the one that was free. For the first time in my life, also, just standing hurt one of my knees. I had to ice it even. I'm getting old.

Best beer I tried - Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron [note: you should go to the link and view the video on it. the wood they made the casks out of is apparently really truly one of the strongest woods in the world]
Best chocolate - dark chocolate with rosemary in it. VERY interesting flavor
Best food - fish tacos. For some reason they seemed to be really popular :-) (when I first saw it on the menu I just about died laughing)


Tara said...

Oo, dark chocolate with rosemary?? I'll have to see if I can find something like that!

The CEO said...

Dogfish Head has a brewery about two miles from my house. Man are they expensive!

evil-e said...

I like expensive, handcrafted, local beers. We have a couple of really good local brewers here in Cleveland.

I am not much a chocolate person and the rosemary thing just does not do it for me. Try chocolate with cayenne pepper in it...that is good.

squirrel said...

I'll have to try the Palo Santo Marron, if I can find it... I am a big fan of DFH's 90 minute IPA.

NoRegrets said...

Tara, it was really interesting! It was weird to place the flavor - I had to be told what it was.

CEO, yeah, there's one semi-close by to me also, and the one time I went so far I splurged on a $15 bottle of beer. Unfortunately it wasn't worth it to me - likely because I had already had a beer. If you're gonna do that, you have to still have taste buds.

EE-I have indeed had that and it is indeed very good. They also had passion fruit ones, but really that combinatino didn't work for me.

Squirrel, it's one of the 4-pack ones. Their punkin ale is very good too.

Susan said...

Fish tacos!? heheehehe Wait, you ate these? Oh Nor, one more reason I heart thee.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, Susan, I had more than one!
I guess I never wrote about the fact that soon after I left my husband, a friend of mine said it would be a great time to just go out and have fun with men, women, whatever. That night I had a dream about um, well, you guess. I told my friend about it, who told her husband, who said to me later the famous quote about fish tacos.

Susan said...

Nor...Are you having dirty dreams about me again?

NoRegrets said...

Not sure. Are you naturally blonde?

Susan said...

...I have no idea. lol

WNG said...

I love fish tacos! The food, not the {}.
Stop laughing Susan.
Seriously, that is MY kind of volunteering! They never let me drink at the Children's Hospital!
dark chocolate with lime zest is my very very favorite...sigh...yum

NoRegrets said...

WNG, these were mini ones, so you'd have to have no prejudice against little people.
And, well, it didn't save the world like volunteering at the hospital, so you did the better thing overall.

WNG said...

But I don't get beer!
Who wants to contribute to society if they don't get beer?!?! This is unfair and I'll be lodging a protest tonight at the hospital - just you wait!

Churlita said...

I keep hearing everyone talk about fish tacos (the food) but still haven't had one. I guess I need to get on that (the food).

laura b. said...

I love fish tacos. Um, you know actual fish tacos without the innuendo... haha!
I also love chocolate but haven't tried many unusual types or flavorings. I better get on that.