Friday, May 30, 2008

Counting my blessings and acts of kindness

As you know, I have a number of different stress elements in my life right now. Once in a while it gets to be too much, but I'm learning to count my blessings rather than wallow in the stress/negativity. Maybe I should make this a regular feature... we'll see. Don't want to commit!

1) Not only do I have friends who are willing to let me stay with them, but they refuse to accept money, and even to let me buy them things. (So I make dinners, buy food, dog sit, etc.)
2) Not only do my friends let me stay, but also the one 1.5 year old child knows me, knows my name, is happy to see me, and considers me a member of the family.
3) Not only do I have a realtor who knows what she's doing, she's also turning into a friend. She's willing to give up a $1,000 bonus if it means me getting the place. (I'll know today.)
4) My mom is having issues (not eating, not drinking enough), but thankfully my sister lives near her and we have a total of 6 of us to check on her every day and hopefully provide some support.
5) My bike tire may blow up as I'm leaving work and I feel stranded and lost and pissed because I won't get my climbing in (which is a mind clearing/meditation/social type thing as well as exercise), but I have a friend who despite a busy schedule will pick me up and bring me to my car so I can be on my way.
6) I may be getting a divorce but my husband and I will remain friends.
7) I may sometimes feel alone or sad, but I have blogging buddies who will cheer me up either with their comments or their posts on their own blogs.
8) And since 8 is my lucky number, I had to find an 8th! Gorgeous gorgeous weather.


Susan said...

That can't be me on #7. All I talk about is sex (lately).

Churlita said...

Which is exactly why I love Susan's blog.

I love it that you are so half-full. Another woman could totally become embittered at this point. You are a total rocker.

NoRegrets said...

Susan, yeah, but your talk is great. And don't forget your comments! {}

Oh my Churlita, I think I'm going to have this date tattooed on my arm or something to mark the date that someone said I am so half full and am a rocker. I truly in the past have been a half empty person - just trying to turn it around because that in part led to my depression. And it really doesn't help anything I'm finding. Much better to try and be positive, as long as I can cry once in a while.

Susan said...

Oh nor...I don't know if I've ever mentioned by my brain sometimes flips things around so I read that as

"don't forget your {} comments"

and was like

My {} is leaving comments now??!

Tara said...

Well done. It's not always easy to find positive stuff when there's so much stress. As they say, when life gives us lemons, make margaritas. ;)

evil-e said...

Friends are a good thing....some must be kept close.

Good take on a shitty situation. Let it get you down some, but don't let it drag you under.

laura b. said...

Good attitude. I agree that it really helps to do these little blessing checks. The good stuff is there, sometimes we just have to work a little harder to see it...or is that just me? haha!

heather said...

i feel guilty leaving the 8th comment since i haven't been around much but it seems serendipitous as well so...

smtwngrl said...

Finally catching up a bit on my blog reading. I'm trying to do more of this, too, and reading other peoples' blessings helps me remember that there really is sooo much to be thankful for no matter how bad things may seem.