Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike to Work Day

Today is bike to work day! There are many ways to participate, as I noted this morning. You can help a biker to work (someone going past me dropped their lock and didn't stop so I yelled to stop her). You can carry your bike to work (I saw someone carrying her bike down the sidewalk - that's taking the idea of not biking on the sidewalks to the extreme). And you can take your bike to work, as I did. (My bike is in my car. It's raining and I have to go straight from work to a volunteer event and don't want to leave my bike at work. I bike to work every other day, so I don't feel so bad. Though, I am getting a free t-shirt from one of our consulting companies because I said I'd bike to work. So don't tell...) Use those wheels, save the earth, and get some exercise! And please wear a helmet. Traumatic brain injury is no fun.


Susan said...

I didn't even walk to work today. My legs are tired and begging me for a day off. Congrats to you though!

evil-e said...

I take the bus, which is very entertaining and convenient. It is also cheap considering gas and parking.

If I rode a bike to downtown Cleveland I probably would be left for dead halfway there.

Anonymous said...

I'd participate...but I have the day off. Plus Friday's I work the graveyard shift and it's not really a good idea to be riding a bike at 11pm.

NoRegrets said...

Susan, I didn't bike yesterday, but I do every other day so Ididn't feel too bad.

Yes, there are some places it would be VERY interesting to bike - cleveland I imagine is one of them.

And Silverneurotic - thanks for visitng! Aw, come on, you just wear a reflective jacket! But then again, lots of drunks out Friday night - they may consider you a target. So never mind! :-)

Gyuss Baaltar said...

those are awesome tshirts!