Saturday, May 10, 2008


Or, Thank God It's Saturday.

Yesterday I learned that I have changed. It used to be that a certain amount of time had to elapse before I would react to a situation. This served me well when I volunteered in emergency services, since you have to keep your head on straight in the heat of the moment, and later you can fall apart. But yesterday I was crying as the experiences hit me, which I guess is good.

I arrived at the mediator, sat down (my husband was already there), and started crying. So we had to take a moment to let me gather myself. It just was a reality, sitting there. Honestly they weren't crocodile tears to gather sympathy from my husband! It obviously didn't work anyway, since I gave up a bunch of stuff just to be sure we'd get out of there. The agreement is being drafted.

Then, immediately thereafter I called my realtor because a fine detail had changed in our plans, and I wanted to be sure I could still put an offer on the place I had seen. Well, back and forth with her and the lender and I understood that I couldn't, so when I talked to my realtor, I just sat and cried. She, luckily, is a great woman and tried again with the 'everything will be ok' and 'if it's meant to be, it's meant to be' which was very nice of her.

Then, driving to the movie (I needed an escape) my husband calls to tell me he's moving forward on one of his parts, and I just started bawling again, because I'm so sick of living in other people's houses and I miss my cat and so on and so forth. He of course was very nice and offered any help he could give, but really, it just was an overwhelming day.

In the end, I put in an offer with a financial contingency. And went in to watch Iron Man on a Friday afternoon. Shorter movie review: it was really good! RDJr. review - man, he looks good. Whew.

Annywaay, I went out to dinner with a friend and started early with the tequila. Far too early. And achieved the drunkenness but stepped over that thin line, so tequila and I had an argument in the middle of the night and I lost. I would have been better in the morning if the damn cat I'm cat sitting didn't howl at the top of the stairs starting at 5 am. So, it took a long while to get going this morning. So long that it was afternoon! Oh well. I'm recuperated now, and off to look at more places, since the immediate reaction of the other agent was there's no way the bank will accept my offer. Oh well. We'll see on that one, but best to be prepared.


Tara said...

Although I've never been through what you're having to deal with, I feel so frustrated for you. Some good, hard cries can be very cleansing to the soul.

My mom's cat howls too. He's used to waking up at 4am and that's what he did to me when I watched him when my mom went on vacation last year. I love cats, but holy hell.

squirrel said...

Opening up the water works isn't always a bad thing. Congrats on making it through the day. Good job!

I like the fact that in terms of word count, your review of Iron Man is 20% shorter than your review of RDJr. (I'm assuming 'whew' refers to him, non?)

NoRegrets said...

Tara, yes on both counts. And you know, I think cats are just like kids. You don't mind when they cry if they are yours, but you want to just run away if they are someone else's (or lock them in a room with their litter box,,,um, which I did).

Squirrel, congrats. You achieved a snort. Whew was indeed for RDjr.

WNG said...

I'm going to see Iron Man again, that's how much I liked it. "so tequila and I had an argument in the middle of the night and I lost." You are hilarious lady.
I'm sorry that you're hurting, but getting it out is so much better than holding it can always go see Iron Man again...and try Vodka next time :)

NoRegrets said...

OK, WNG... I will try vodka... But since it'll be a first date, it better mean it treats me nice.

Churlita said...

I'm so sorry things sucked so badly for you. But it sounds like you went with escapism to deal with it. Escapism has never done me wrong, except when it's in the form of tequila and then I'm in trouble.

I hope you and tequila can work things out and at least be friends again later.