Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010. Amazing.

I resolve to get back to blogging every day, and to get back into the Saturday Scavenger Hunt (I was sad to realized I had done so many in a row, and then missed 3 or 4 or so).

Odd odd exercise seen this morning. A man in a backwards arch doing pushups in that position. Ouch.

Movie seen this weekend.

Definitely a 'B' movie format.
Definitely bordering on soft porn (who am I kidding, it was).
Interesting. Not sure if I recommend it, but it was fun to see with a crowd. What is most hilarious from that night is my friend who is a reserved-ish woman in a well respected profession did the gesture of the fingers made into a V and the tongue going in and out. It will now be our greeting to each other. Damn, I died when I saw that.


laura b. said...

Happy New Year, NoRegrets! I will look forward to seeing lots of blog posts. Sat. Scavenger Hunt has gone on hiatus, but if people are into it, we can bring it back :-)

Mel said...

Glorious, happy new year for you and your aspirations.

I don't do resolutions--but I DO do ketchup with french fries on occasion. :-/

Churlita said...

Too funny. I love it when my conservative friends fly their freak flags.

Sebastien said...

I need to see this movie. I love B style movies. Wonderful guilty pleasure.