Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to

The space formerly known as my bathroom. Ugly bathroom. Which I hope to make a nice one. Crap! Did I take 'before' photos? I may have forgotten.

Also, [welcome to] a healthy relationship. One in which the other person is available - does not have any barriers be they emotional or of circumstance that keeps him from committing his all.

It's something I deserve, but still has its own challenges. Before it happened, I was just getting into being 'me' - a recuperated grown up me, and I get into this relationship thing where another person is now in my life and I have to make sure I don't fall into old habits.

Old habits include putting the other person before me. Using the cranky domineering voice to squash opposition. Fearing that someone will find me boring. Blah blah blah.

But the new habits are to touch base with myself. Listen to how I'm feeling and what it means. And communicate that, so progress can be made, and chaos/bad feelings do not ensue. To accept criticism/critique and know that it means I have something to learn (most times).

Whew, it's a challenge. But the benefits/rewards are great.


laura b. said...

I still have a huge amount of work to do on both individual me and relationship me. Reading this sort of makes me see how much I still need to work through.

EsLocura said...

just identifying the bad habits puts you ahead of the game. Yeah you, am so happy things are going well, ya it's hard work but yes oh so worth it.

Mel said...

Well, gosh--I'm glad for you. A healthy relationship, an awareness of what you don't want to make happen.....good things!

AND a new bathroom in the works... Woohooo!!

Tara said...

Please share us a photo of your new bathroom when it's done!

Best of luck with the new relationship.

Pamela said...

Laura, not sure if that's good or bad, how you feel. But I believe it never ends.

Es, its friggin hard work dammit!

Mel, thanks. the bathroom is much easier in comparison.

Tara, of course I will share photos!

Anonymous said...

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Churlita said...

I've never been in a healthy relationship and I refuse to settle for anything less again. So, until I find one of those I could be single for a long, long time. I'm glad you found yours.