Monday, January 4, 2010

This is really Tuesday's post

I should be in bed now since I came home early to kill a migraine (the effects of 1.5 weeks of not exercising enough, stretching enough, getting used to sleeping in the same bed as someone else and so not getting great sleep, etc.), and I don't want another tomorrow...but had to share.

So, M forgot that he had talked to Exhibit A while M was in Jtree, and was told that he had gotten engaged! Funny how the world turns. Really funny. I'm a little freaked out that M 'forgot' such a thing, and trying to think of what psychological phenomenon describes that, but it's really not a huge deal so it will pass quickly. I'm glad Exhibit A has found someone and will be happy. He's an odd duck though. But I guess we all are in some way.

M knows about this blog and reads it, but I'm trying to not let that stop me from writing what I want to write. I know I can always say to not read something and he wouldn't, but I wouldn't want to do that, so it won't happen. It's just that sometimes the timing of when he learns about something in my brain might be a little warped (via blog versus via my mouth directly).


EsLocura said...


Mel said...

Oh ick. I'm sorry about the migraine. They pretty much suck--so I'll hope it passes quickly for you.

*sending healing thoughts*

laura b. said...

Wow, I can see where that would have been surprising is something that must have come about rather quickly.
Hope your migraine has subsided.

Pamela said...

Thanks Es!
Mel, by that time I was ok. forgot to mention that. But had another today, darn it.
Laura, it was WAY surprising!

Churlita said...

Most guys I've dated have read my blog. It's kind of a weird deal. Sometimes it's just fine and others it makes it hard to really say what you want without editing yourself.