Monday, August 30, 2010

Friday freak out and Monday pain

Friday: finally opened the damn envelope I got on the 23rd and which got lost in my car. They said I had forfeited my COBRA because the payment was due on Aug. 1 and I had mailed it Aug. 2. Even though I had talked to someone Aug. 2 and they said it was ok. And, I checked with my guaranteed issue plan and they had rejected my application because I did not exhaust my COBRA. All this at the end of the east coast day so I could not contact anyone. Freak out. Working on it today and I think it will all be ok.

Monday: Made up a dish last night with two types of peppers, tomatillos, mushrooms, plantains, etc. I cannot tell you the two types of peppers - they were new to me. Took out my contacts. Tried to put them in this am. OUCH.

I have much more exciting things, but want to post photos... Hope everyone is well.


laura b. said...

I hope you get your COBRA worked out...sounds like you will.
And ouch! Your poor eyes :-(

Mel said...

Oh boy....I'll hope that the insurance stuff is resolved. And that your eyes are healed.
And that you discover the names of the peppers you're consuming! Egads!!

3GirlKnight said...

Oh no! That's the worst. Just last Saturday I cut up some jalapenos and apparently I didn't wash my hands well enough. The oils lingered long enough to make taking my contacts out 2 hours later very painful!

Don't pick your nose with pepper juices on your finger either. Not that I would know first hand... *sidewaysglance* :D

Tara said...

I'm sorry about COBRA, I hope things get worked out.

My dental insurance was dropped because I forgot to re-elect it last year. I'll have to keep a better eye on when we can apply again. Gotsta have my dental insurance.

Ananda girl said...

Oh no! Peppers in the eye. OUCH. But it does sound yummy.

I hope your COBRA comes through. How stressful!

NoRegrets said...

It's worked out, I think, thanks all.

And I got my contacts in later that day. A little stingy still,,, but ok.

Dental insurance... I've found it to be a little useless... You pay $400 for $1000 coverage, and you only use that other IF you need some major item done...