Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Monday already??

Time flies when you're unemployed and have a new-ish relationship and the sun is always out so you feel you have to get outside and enjoy it and there's still boxes to be unpacked and you don't want to spend too much time at the computer.

I'm feeling sad actually that I don't/haven't spent much time here. Or there (yours). I have to find a way to better incorporate it into my life. I think part of it is finding a way to be interesting. I mentioned that before, but haven't implemented it yet.

I did two bike rides this weekend - one of which was nice but by the end my foot hurt so much I was not enjoying it. And I was even going downhill! So, I gotta fix it soon, because I love biking. I've had several suggestions from people on facebook, but I'll likely go to an expert at a bike shop to figure it out.

Tried to go see Inception but it is still very popular and it was sold out. So, M and I walked around and found a bookstore that wasn't Borders! So we went in and browsed and bought some books - haven't done that in so long. There was a history of comics in the US which I almost bought, but didn't. I did buy a new-ish one from Richard Bach, and have started that. I looovved his other introspective/relationship ones and learned many lessons from them. I think this one might be more on the side of 'fun'.

But we got back and No Country for Old Men was on regular TV, which neither one of us had seen. Wow. I can't decide if it was good or bad that it was interrupted by commercials. There were certainly times that I needed a break - it was so intense. But such a good movie.

We also watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch, this time on DVD. Wow and wow. Double wow's because it's a great movie and it has a great great soundtrack/songs. Really amazing.

Finally, I got to meet yet another person I met through blogging but never met in person. Way cool! I laugh when I write this, but it was a little less awkward (sorry Squirrel! - you know I'm very glad we met multiple times in person and when are you coming to visit??) because I wasn't asked about a detail that I had left un-finished in my blog. We just hung out. M didn't want to go, which was too bad, but such is life.

OK, gotta go read some.


laura b. said...

You sound much more relaxed than you've had the opportunity to be lately. Yay!

I love browsing bookstores. It is hard for me to buy things, because of my access to free books, but occasionally there is something I really want to own. Enjoy your new book...and go see Inception at some point, if you can :-)

Mel said...

Well, GOOD for you!

Out and about and doing is a very good thing.
Very very good for you!

Tara said...

I've seen most of "No Country for Old Men", and I remember getting anxious when Javier Bardem was in the scenes. He did a great job playing the psycho.

Churlita said...

sounds great. My experiences meeting fellow bloggers have generally been positive.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, relaxation is such a foreign concept! Gotta absorb it more.

Mel, yes.

Tara, he was great creepy.

Churlita, yes. As long as you keep away from the creepy ones!

Stray Cat said...

Moanday . . .