Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuolumne again - day 3?

Day three was a climb with R. We went to a secluded place and made out.
Ha. Not.
We climbed a 4 pitch out of the way climb (20 minute walk). Beautiful hike, but by the time we were halfway up the first pitch, I felt a migraine coming on. I tried to ignore it, but it would not be ignored. I even held it back to try a 5.6 runout pitch (after 30 feet of having gear), but just couldn't do it in part because there was a ledge at the bottom. I felt bad, but it was the right decision, in part because we needed to boogie. By the 4th pitch, this is what was on the horizon.

Afternoon thunderstorms are no fun. Being struck by lightening is no fun. Luckily we made it down in time and hiked out, me verrrry slowly. R was really nice and at the end brought his backpack up the steep hill to the car and came down to get mine. We went back to the campground and I retreated to my tent, wishing I were home, and hoping I wouldn't barf because then I'd attract bears.


laura b. said...

Oh, that sounds awful, NoRegrets. I hope you were able to defeat your migraine quickly. Waiting for the next installment!

3GirlKnight said...

Dang. Sorry to hear you got a migraine. That sucks. Good thing you had friends willing to help you.

I talked to a guy in the parking lot of a ski resort once. He was waiting for his friends to get done skiing.

He had a broken arm.

He wouldn't let me drive him to the hospital either. sheesh

Churlita said...

That sounds pretty harrowing. I try not to go anywhere without my migraine meds, because it can actually be dangerous. I'm glad nobody got struck by lightning either.

Tara said...

I'm so sorry that a migraine started while you were climbing. I hope it's easing off now, and on its way out.

Beautiful storm clouds in that photo! I know they're easier to appreciate when you're in safe shelter, though.

Mel said...

Oh wow--what a view! And oh wow what a painful experience.
I'm hopeful barfing and bears didn't happen?