Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeless Portraits of the Day

- A man sleeps sitting up in the entrance way of a building.
- A man lies half on and half off the sidewalk as a helmeted police officer stands with his arms crossed and watches him try to get up. (The man has no shoes and from
the brief glance from the bus the feet seemed really swollen.)
- A man speed walks down the sidewalk, correct arm movement and all.
- A man searches through a garbage bin on the sidewalk, while another watches him.

All wrapped in the scent of sun-kissed dried urine.


Mel said...


Well written--just makes me sad...

laura b. said...

In Maine? I mean, I know homeless people are everywhere, but I had this vision in my head of bucolic loveliness :-)
How sad, though...

Ananda girl said...

Maine? I thought you were in SF and it made perfect sense to me there... in some areas. But I've been off line recently and I guess I am lost as to your location right now.

It is sad, but well written slice of a bus trip.

Churlita said...

It reminds me of living in SF. The homeless people were so interesting/sad there.