Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forgotten poetry

I saw that Laura's been keeping up with the poetry challenge. I wish I had kept up and should. I actually started a couple country songs this weekend - really... and so am working on those. Not sure if there's any way to actually propose them to a country singer, but I'd like to try.

Ya know, it kinda sucks that the song I connected with this morning when it was on the radio was Papa Roach's Last Resort. With all the stress I'm having a hard time keeping my head above water. It scares M when I even inkle it, so I don't. Which is not good.

I have to pull upon 6+ years of therapy and bring myself back around but I can't always do it immediately. I'm much better than I was this morning, but it's taken me a couple hours. M comes home today and am trying to get better.

What set it off was talking insurance this morning with a professional and finding out that my premium will be double what I'm paying now once my COBRA ends. Not even sure what the level of coverage will be. Sucks to need insurance. And I'm not poor, but I don't want to burn through my money and I'm scared. Sigh. It comes down to that, but I go through a sobbing fit and a couple hours of turtle time to be able to articulate it in writing, never mind words. And I move on and try to find an answer - but that processing time for me is slow. Sigh.

OK, going to wash that crap right out of my hair and move forward with other things. Be an accomplished person today.


laura b. said...

You've had a few things to do besides writing poetry :-) How cool that you are writing songs! I wonder how song writers do get started with getting their stuff out to the right people...

Good for you, being so strong. This is a happy time, but I can see where stress issues would arise. I feel confident you will be able to work it out. Go NoR!

Ananda girl said...

All the changes... that is a lot of stress. I am worrying about insurance and what will happen when mine stops at the end of Sept. I only hope I have new insurance by then. Sigh indeed. It is enough to make anyone hide in their shell.
When M gets home, you will feel better. Keep hanging tough.

Tara said...

Focus on writing more country songs, I'd love to see the final product!

Try to avoid talking insurance - I doubt that topic puts anyone in a good mood. That and politics....and dare I say...Lebron.

Churlita said...

I can't believe how well you're dealing with all of these life changes. Just cut yourself some slack and breathe through them. You'll feel so much better soon.