Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleverness has left the building

I've just done my at least one job-related item for the day, and now really want to get away from the computer. And I'd like to be clever before I go. Where's that damn clever button? Right next to the easy one I suppose, which I've gone and lost also.

Have I told you today how much I hate Comcast? I thought for a brief shining moment that I could change my name over the phone, but no, the guy's manager said no. M gets tired of hearing me ranting, so I just gotta go rant to the people in the store. Fun! At least I'll bike there and get some exercise.

A thing that made me smile yesterday as I was on the bus. A young girl being led across the street by her dad, holding his hand. She had a set of the flat paper 3D glasses and kept putting them over her eyes and taking them off, looking up and looking down, and she'd smile after every time.

Gotta go put on those 3D glasses.


Ananda girl said...

You don't want to trade with me... I've got Comcast too! Hence my absence of late. I liked my last service MUCH better. Less suckiness.

laura b. said...

Oh, I so seldom find the clever. Usually it is more like it finds me.

Wow. I am starting to hate Comcast by proxy!

Mel said...

Ohhhh...I gotta get me some 3D glasses!

<-- putting 'em on the list for weekend shopping!

Tara said...

Yes, it is Friday afterall! Wear those 3D glasses stylishly!

Churlita said...

That's it. I'm bringing my 3-D glasses to work and wearing them every day.