Saturday, July 10, 2010

Everything and nothing and rambling

The sun is setting on yet another perfect day in northern CA. Or so M would say! He waxed on and on today about the glories of living in the promised land (ie, where we are). It really is pretty amazing. Funny, because last night we went to REI to pick up my bike which had been shipped there, and we talked to a salesman for a while who used to be a funds manager or something like that and then wandered the world for about nine years and now works at REI and complains about the management of it, which I don't blame him as I worked at an REI and there are definitely some issues with it. And it is true that people who work for a long time in retail know how to do nothing and get away with it, and people who don't work for a long time and have a really high work ethic can do nothing once and get caught (speaking from experience in the latter case). In any event, he asked why on earth we'd move here - because it's so expensive. Well, we answered, there's a ton going for it!

And while I'm in the ramblin' amblin' mood, I'll just take the time here to say how much I despise Comcast. And have from the moment I called to order. Actually, even before since their website does not allow you to provide a comment unless you are a customer. They think I am Emily and although they made the error, I have to go to a store and show my ID in order for them to change it. Here's a good story - I called today to get help with my bill, and I get Miguel. As we're just starting to talk, I hear cheering in the background, like they are watching a football game. I ask Miguel a question about an item, and he literally says to me "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention, can you repeat that?". OMG. Immediately I ask for a manager, and of course was on hold for 10-15 minutes, but dammit to hell I wasn't going to hang up and give them the satisfaction of getting away from me. Jason the manager comes on, and I tell him what Miguel said, and Jason says: He said that?! He helps me and I ask how Miguel is going to be handled. Apparently Miguel said that I wasn't giving him information and that's why he transferred me to the manager. Thing is, all calls are recorded. Dumb shit. The manager told me exactly how he was addressing it and it sounded great.

And yet another rant. I have been calling around because I might be going away soon for a short trip and need a cat sitter. Yelped, and found a few. I talked to one woman on the phone and she asked me to send an email. For some reason I mentioned to her that I was looking at another service. She got all pissy because she was really busy and was making an exception for me and that I should contact her when I was sure I wanted her. I was pissy after that, but she had good reviews, so I wrote back a mildly apologetic but clear that she had not be clear she was making an exception, and have not heard back from her. I'm not going to let her get away with not responding - I'll call her tomorrow. Let her verbalize that she doesn't want to talk to me.


And I'm ovulating and it hurts like hell. Ouch.

I think I'll go to bed.


laura b. said...

haha! I like to see the rampaging NoRegrets. I have to respect how you follow through on things. But that Miguel...what a piece of work!

Enjoy paradise :-)

Churlita said...

it is expensive, but it's worth it. And ovulating can make me more hormonal than PMS sometimes. Crazy.