Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can I do blue?

These are the shoes I found when looking for more important things at thrift stores. They are hardly worn, and I got them for $5 I think. Blue. Goes well with jeans here in SF area, land of NOT heat waves.

I'm still getting used to the idea that every single friggin' day is going to be beautiful. Or so M says. I did live in LA for a while, so I understand the concept. But I'm still in the mindset of 'it's a nice day - gotta go out and enjoy it'. Which is a great concept for life, but really, when there's unpacking to be done... Also, it's hard to be blue when it's nice out. Where's my damn excuse gone to? Dammit - I have to change my perspective??? sigh. (kidding) [on a related note, found a psychiatrist, and thankfully he's in my health plan. he told me yesterday his rates and i could not commit to going to him until i checked - first visit was $450! - thank you lord for health insurance]

It's so odd that M is here in the other room all the time during the day. So far (2 days) it's been easier than I thought. We at least have big wooden doors that shut so it does seem like a separate space, ok, it is a separate space.

I'm going to go read and respond... been doing too little of that of late.


Tara said...

Those are really cute shoes! Smart purchase.

laura b. said...

I predict more blue clothes and a less blue NoRegrets!

It is nice that you and M can have a little alone time, even when you are both there.

Pamela said...

Thanks Tara!
Laura, I think so too..

crazy4coens said...

$450? Sheesh! I am so in the wrong business! I hope the Doc is as good or better than the one you had before, and I hope your plan pays for all of it. $450!!!! Wow.