Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recklessness of Water

Water flows and finds the easiest path. We might learn a thing or two from water. How can it be reckless then? Because it doesn't care what it does as it's flowing? What it tunnels through and around and weathers as it goes? So, do we really want to learn from water? Not sure.

Time marches on and today I become an official resident of California - getting my driver's license if I pass and transferring my registration. Because your car is everything in this state. It is you. Is that why they don't require inspections? Because you don't want to reflect on the state of being but you certainly do want to be sure you don't blow smelly/evil gas into the air and increase the smog. Good thing they don't have smog tests for people to become residents. I'd be in trouble.

The wind is currently blowing all my papers around - guess I should get up and fix them. I have to take a shower anyways so I can have a semi-decent picture of myself for my license. Ha. As. If. I had lots of adventures on the weekend, but will write more later. Feeling PMS-y anyway, and who wants to listen to whine when you can drink it?

An easy summer water song for you:


laura b. said...

I am surprised they don't make you smog your car to register it here. You have to have smogged your car within the past 90 days when you buy a new car and go to put it in your name. And then everyone has to get smog certification every other year when you update your registration. Good times, good times.
I like the idea of flowing through life like water, but you make a good point...what does water care how it affects anything else? Hm. Deep Jack Handy Thoughts buzzing in my tiny brain.

Ananda girl said...

I guess that deal about nobody walks in LA is representative of all CA.

I have never taken a driver's license photo that even looked like me. Do you suppose they use trick cameras like fun house mirrors?

I am still trying to get my ID and stuff changed over. They are making it hard... or maybe I should take responsibility for losing my birth certificate. Sigh. Gosh I hope they don't require smog certification here. I may be in dire straights. I count it a good day when my clown car runs.

Great idea about moving through life like water! Like water, we shift course to meet our needs.

Churlita said...

ha ha. Glad that you're a resident and not an alien to California anymore.