Monday, July 12, 2010

Settling in...

- Got a library card today! Woo hoo! Kinda had to, sorta, because I wanted to print something out for free. M's printer is not here yet.
- My car arrived today! The Polish trucker was all dzien dobre (or however you spell it) on me. He was great though. The poor car is DIRTY though. Needs a good washing.
- Have I told you today how much I hate comcast?
- Tomorrow is my dentist appointment and I'm meeting with a friend of a blogger friend to network. So nice to have nice blogger friends! And really, it's the only way I'll find a job - applying to ads just won't cut it I think.
- My newest goal is to find a moisturizer with sunscreen. I'm here a week and a half and I'm getting pretty brown. I don't want to end up leathery.
- Billy has his cat tree and is very happy to have it.

OK, bed/cleaning calls.


laura b. said...
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Tara said...

Congrats on your library card, and on Billy having his cat tree!

I don't have a cat tree for Skittles. Maybe one day, but until then the bed, couch and chairs will have to do.

crazy4coens said...

now it's official! congrats!