Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day or two or three

I forgot to mention that M had work related stuff to do in Seattle, so we were in Seattle late Friday night through today (me) and tomorrow (him). It was really nice to get away. Much as we need to do here, we also need to be away from here sometimes. Maybe even especially so since he works at home and I do not work. It makes for an interesting life.

I'm not sure if I've seen this before, but I've certainly never seen so many. I forget what they are called - surf rowers? Now sure. You stand up on a surfboard-y type thing and paddle. Supposed to be good for your core. Looks a little boring usually, but seeing so many and at sunset - it was cool to see people standing on water. Really neat.

The weekend was with my brother and family and M's friends - split between them. Just lots of good food and good times and relaxation and perhaps a little too much sun which is an amazing thing to say for the Seattle area. It's so beautiful in Seattle when it's sunny!

The next two days were mine during the day, and it turns out I had a lot of Good Will in me. Har. Went Monday via public transportation to a Goodwill I had seen online. What it did not say online is that it's an outlet store. What is an outlet store? It's big huge shallow bins with stuff piled inside that you sift through and workers periodically pull out the bins and fill them with more stuff and bring them back in. The vultures hover and descend when allowed. No shoving or fighting though - very orderly.

Scared the hell out of me but I stayed. Um, for 4 hours. Thing is, they always bring new stuff. Half of it is crap because I think it's the rejects from the other Goodwills - so has tears and stains - but you can find some gems! And, get this. YOU PAY BY THE POUND. Never ever heard of that. So I spent $23 on a big pile of stuff that was not crap - REI tech wear, wool and silk sweaters, LL Bean Men's large all weather jacket... etc. A few things I'll try and sell and make my money back and I think I might just be able to! (Like the jacket and a pair of men's Doc Martins).

The next day I spent with my parallel universe friend. Same life - ish, but in a different location. And she likes Goodwills too, so we went to the one by her. Bought 4 things for the same price as the huge pile from the day before. But that's ok - it was nice to have a semi-real store. I did also find something that I think we really could use but now I have to get it to my home:
It's in her storage unit right now. Really gorgeous.

I did find out when I was away that I only have three months of COBRA which scares the shit out of me. So, I research tomorrow what happens.

Oh, and I think I have anxiety issues. Remember I said I was thinking of what I would do here if an earthquake hit? Well, up there I looked at Mt. Ranier and thought about it blowing up like Mt. St. Helens...

And speaking of mountains, my nephew is back east on the Boy Scout Jamboree, and apparently told his parents one day that the next day he was going to go climb Mt. Vernon. Look it up. Kinda hard to do...


laura b. said...

I've never been to a Goodwill outlet...paying by the pound sounds awesome!

I somehow thought that COBRA was offered for, like, a year or something. Geez.

PS- I looked up Mt Vernon, because I didn't know...hee hee! Best of luck to him with that :-)

Churlita said...

I have a $50 gift certificate to Goodwill, but I'm not one much for shopping and I know you really have to dig around to find decent stuff. I might try and check one out here this week.

Mel said... there's a great idea.
I'm hoping it was worth the 4 hours of your time--sounds like it was!