Friday, September 10, 2010

If you start feeling bad for the fish

it's time to stop fishing.

Back from Maine - starting off with my fishing adventures. I do like to fish, but I really do feel sorry when I catch them. Last time I was in Maine I stopped fishing I felt so bad. This time I tried to do as little damage as possible, and I say sorry and thank you to the fish. But of course you still do harm (see pickerel photo below - scales that came off). Someday I may not fish... Who knows.

I had three good days. Two of the days it was bam bam bam - almost every time I threw in the line in a certain period (small, like 15 minutes, but still...) One of the days all of us in the boat caught at least one big bass - I caught two, my one brother caught three, and the other one. What an amazing 15-30 minutes that was. One of the bass is below (the sideways big one).

Mostly the fishing sucked though since it was hot hot hot for an entire week. But, it made it easier/nicer to swim.

Smallmouth bass (I don't stick my finger in their mouths)

Big bass


Billy begging for fish once he saw the photos

Can you spot the other fisher?


laura b. said...

I've never been one for fishing...but I do like eating fish, so I have no complaints about fishermen.

I could not spot the other fisher, even when I looked at the bigger picture! Darn it.

Ananda girl said...

Ha! I found your feathery friend... if I'm right! I've never seen a Fisher or a Pickerel. Great photos.
I love to fish and I also avoid the small bass's mouth.

Bear and I generally did the catch and release, but yeah, they can get damaged and I feel terrible when that happens.

Randy had a lucky solution to that problem one day when a Heron decided to join them... he tossed the damaged and too small fish to the Heron who gulped it down in one lunge. A natural solution. But then the Heron followed him waiting for more fish. :-)

Bill makes me smile.

Mel said...

Himself is a 'catch and release' fisherman.
Which works for me--I'm a 'catch and release' kinda gal. Only I tie flies--he drowns worms.

It's not the fishes I feel for.
It's the poor little wormy guys....

NoRegrets said...

Laura, look for a little bit of white. Osprey.

Ananda, well, I only catch big ones. :-)

Mel, yes, feel sorry for the worms too..that's why I use lures.

Churlita said...

I love to fish. I also love that pic of Billy.