Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peace fest

M and I biked around SF and found this fest in Golden Gate park. We walked around as curious observers, and it was great to run across it. Sadly, sort of, I was soooo excited that Crystal Bowersox was playing. I heard her whole set as we walked up and down the exhibits and food aisles, passing the entrepreneurs selling beer, etc out of coolers, and measuring out pot, and offering chewables, or whatever he said.

The crowd, the view.
Partner yoga looks painful.
Neat video game.
I didn't know architects were conspiracy theorists. How great that it was 9/11. bleh
Not everyone can pull off a tight short gold lame skirt on stilts.
I've seen cheeseheads, but not cornheads, until Saturday.
Even spinal cords attended!


laura b. said...

Looks like a fun, interesting gathering. I would LOVE to hear Crystal Bowersox play :-)

Mel said...

Silly me chuckled at Mr. Spinal Cord.

BTW--lame skirt didn't pull it off well from where I'm sittin'. Just sayin'....LOL

Churlita said...

Nice pics. I love a good spectacle.