Monday, September 27, 2010

Solid. Solid as a Rock

That's what my pillow was. I have one of those memory foam pillows and I brought it to Tuolumne. Almost freezing nights create a solid block of foam that only barely gives with the heat of my head. Ah well...

I'll tell stories later. I don't have my photos as M has his computer and I lost the wire that allows me to download photos to my computer (an old computer so thus does not take the memory chip from a camera).

Besides, I want to vomit. Meaning I gotta dump. Meaning, clear my brain a little.

Is it because I'm not taking as much clonazapam? Or because I'm not in therapy? Or is it just me?

I accidentally kill a beautiful moth last night trying to get it back out to freedom, and I'm having trouble letting it go.

I read this line in a facebook response to someone else: Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. And I just think I'm average - I hear this in my head all the time now. I never before thought I was boring, but I feel it a lot now.

OK, those are the two biggest things I want to dump/vomit/etc. I'll move on now. Happy happy joy joy from hereonin. Too bad I closed the blinds since it'd be good to watch the hummingbirds. OK, I'll open them and allow some heat to get in.

*Note: I will add that the guy I went climbing with looked at me and said: you're not wired like the rest of us. Huh? You have a strong sense of irony, he said. Me: Is that different than other people? Him: Much more so than most Americans.
---- I will take that as a compliment.


laura b. said...

We all need to clear our brains from time to least I assure myself of that when I do it!

I'm sorry about the moth. You were trying to help. It just wasn't meant to be.

It is easy to write those pithy little sayings about people, but really NoR, they are fairly meaningless. If there is anything that you have NEVER seemed to me, it is boring! You have a wonderfully complicated and intelligent mind, a strong, active body, and the soul of a poet!

Watch the hummingbirds and feel better.

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Laura. I appreciate it. See my added note about me being ironic.

dmarks said...

There should be a celebrity magazine called "Small Minds".

Mel said...

Watching the hummers always makes things better for me.
And i'm with Laura--all sorts of sayings....some I like, some I agree with....some are pretty words.
But I'm a bit oppositional and I like to argue. :-/

I'm sorry about the moth--sucks, but sometimes stuff gets to happen and we get another lesson or twenty.

And gosh....I hope there's nothing wrong with 'not being wired like the rest of 'em'. :-)
I rather like that fact of my life.
But--see above. LOL

NoRegrets said...

Dmarks, I agree.

Mel - yes, to all. :-)

Churlita said...

I would have taken it as a compliment too.