Friday, June 15, 2007


Basements have always been my nemesis. Ok, one of my nemesii. I have always though I cannot sleep in a room without windows. In fact, once during graduate school I moved for a semester to take an internship, and I wanted to get free lodging and so did the 'look for nanny position' thing. I found one that I liked and they liked me too. I moved in, spent one night not sleeping in the basement, and said I had to leave, whimpering and crying to the person as I told them from just the memory of trying to sleep down there.

Fast forward to now. At least the other basement had ONE window. Now, I have NO windows. The key I have found is the fan. Air movement makes it seem like there's air. And I just keep telling myself it's all in my head if I start to think I can't sleep. So, surviving so far! Thankfully no freaky bugs hopping around either or else that would be IT! Hopping spider creepy thingies... UGH. Hard to get the cats to go after those after you've screamed when you saw one.

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