Sunday, June 10, 2007

What doesn't kill you / Listen to your gut

Makes you stronger, right? I thought it would be the end of my world when I walked out the door. My husband is a good man, and I thought all would hate me, no friends in the world. But apparently this is not so. My husband even told his parents, and THEY don't hate me. Amazing. Not that that solves all my issues, but it's a lesson learned. People know more than you think they know, and even if they don't know, some people are non-judgemental and will support an adult's right to make a choice. Sigh. Going back to the concept of you can make tough decisions and still be a good person. Or was that a bad girl? :)

Maybe I need to change my motto on this blog to Listen to your Gut. Well, it's sort of an associated idea to having no regrets. If you listen to yourself, you will do what is right for you, and ultimately have no regrets. Even if later the decision has consequences you didn't expect, negative ones. Hell, Oprah writes it so it must be true! But do I want my stomach to have even MORE control over my life? Whew, it's going to get bloated.

Living in a basement sucks...but for a temporary home, it's a fine thing. Thankfully I have friends who will open their lives to me. The trouble is I'm getting used to the idea of a shorter commute!

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