Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a Small World After All

So, walking out the door this morning, bringing my bike out to get ready to bike to work, and there's a guy right outside walking his dog. He said morning, I said hello, and then I looked at him again since his dog had stopped him and he looked familiar. Are you Mark? Yup. Turns out it was the guy at the bike store who helped me buy my biking shoes. Interesting, intelligent man with whom I had a rapport when I was at the store (I'm sure he has a partner or someone so that's not the issue). So you live here? Uh, no, just here for a little while. Do you live here? Up the block, nice places. Yeah, but the basement could use some windows. Then another question about what I'm doing there which I avoided. And then S* comes up with the baby and I introduce her. And that's it... It's just weird to not be able to explain what I'm doing there. Sigh.

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