Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be careful of what you ask for, especially from God

So, went rock climbing today. Beautiful day, wonderful spot. But slab climbs, which I am not the most proficient at. It's freaky to have to step on a small bump on an almost vertical wall and trust that your feet will hold. But, usually it does.

So, did a warm up climb, and then set my eyes on the 5.10. I was set to do it mentally, just wanted to get on it and do it. But, putting on my shoes, I said, semi-jokingly, I'm taking a while to put my shoes on since I'm waiting for divine intervention to keep me off it. Got on the climb, two bolts up, it starts raining/spitting. So, my belayer tells me to come down since it's kind of dark in the distance so maybe will not stop. OK, fine, downclimb, take out the draws, untie from the ropes, reflake the ropes (we often use double ropes), take off my shoes, it stops raining/spitting.

So, sit for a minute, look at the sky, and he says, it's up to you. If you don't go, I'll go. So, fine, I start putting on my shoes. It starts to spit again. ARG. But this time I know it's just a test. I get on the climb, and after the first two bolts it stops spitting. Yay! And mentally I'm still ok. Climb climb climb, then get to the crux. It starts spitting again. All of these reasons to back off, but I went forward, and did it! Ha, in your face God... Just kidding of course. It was a wonderful challenge and I appreciate it greatly. Actually, I do.

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