Monday, November 5, 2007

Erection Day

Ha! Sorry, this won't be about what you're hoping it's about. I just gave myself a chuckle this morning thinking of how someone who speaks an Asian language would say election day. (OK, so maybe it's only specific Asian languages - I'm not sure. And I only write it because I make fun of myself when I'm speaking other languages than English - it's hard to not have an accent!)

I was just thinking on the way to work about what happened to moderation? I'm not at either end of the political spectrum, and I see how the races for the frontrunners of each of the parties for the national elections are moving along. All I can say is UGH. I know that's the nature of politics in this day and age, but I don't have to like it.

I've never considered myself a Republican, but I so hoped that McCain would be in the front and become President. Just the amount of experience and relative (seemingly) integrity. Yeah, I know all that which you are going to write. But, that's what I think. We'll see how it all plays out. It would also be nice to have an African American male in office too...(though he is a bit young...). Find your presidential candidate.

Just get out and vote! And show your support by saluting with various parts of your body.


Susan said...

How out of it am I? I didn't realize it was erection day.

NoRegrets said...

I think there are some states that have no elections.

darwinbignose said...

We had mayoral election in my town, but being an overwhelming democrat town, the primaries in May were the real erection.
It was funny taking the test, which with the exception on Iraq and health carw, in my view does not include other critical issues for the president. The one guy closer to my selections is someone I have never heard of, I can't even remember his name. And the democrat candidate I have been planning to vote for was farther away from my selection than any of the other Dem. candidates. Interestingly Guliani was close behind.

NoRegrets said...

Well, DBN, hopefully you won't let the test sway your voting!