Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sake tasting

I went Sake tasking today! There's a place in Berkeley right off the highway. It's the first time I've tried all the different kinds - from extra dry to sweet sweet, from warm to room temperature to cold. From traditional to flavored ones (like lychee and fuji apple). I thought I only liked cold ones (less traditional), but I liked their warm ones too. Sweet sweet was a bit gross, but everything else was really nice, all in different ways. So I need to start exploring the whole sake genre more. I bought two of them, and we'll see if I can get them back home without them breaking.

In the tasting area there's also a museum, which has some big barrels that are used in some part of the sake making process (which, by the way, is made from rice, water, mold, and yeast and is accomplished through parallel fermentation process). Why have people thrown coins into these barrels? And rest room tokens? And a dollar bill? And bus tickets? And a credit card? (no joke - it must have been a stolen one - I told the proprietess). It's not a fountain, and I don't think wishes will come true from throwing coins in them. But just in case, I threw in a penny. :-)


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have never seen a credit card in a wishing well OR a sake barrel, even in Berkeley. I hope your wish comes true anyway.

I am allergic to liquor and most wines, but seem to tolerate sake well. I prefer it warm.

Susan said...

I need to start going to museums like this..

Susan said...

I also posted something today I think is funny but you're the only one I think will get it.

NoRegrets said...

Heart, not sure if you'll read here, but went to every single thrift store on Fillmore. And bought NOTHING! Went to the one near here and bought a bunch of stuff. Go figure.

Warm sake is actually ok...who'da thunk.

My friend had to pull me back from going barrel diving for the dollar.