Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Read the Meme over at Hearts and Eslocura's. Mine isn't as good as theirs (not as complete).

Six Guilty Pleasures some people would not associate with me
- Trash magazines. I used to love People magazine. Now I that can read it in 10 minutes, I've moved up in the world to Entertainment Weekly.
- Trash food. Once in a while I just have to eat crap. It's good! Crinkly cheese twists (bright orange). Hot dogs. Kraft macaroni and cheese.
- Farting. I'm a gassy girl and it gives me great pleasure to fart. At first I wouldn't use Beano because it took away the gas. But now I realize there are times when it's really NOT good to fart and so I take it.
- Winning an argument. I can be rather merciless and so enjoy winning an argument. I know better than to continue one that I can't win, but I try, and love it when I do. [though people who know me well wouldn't be surprised I think]
- Smoking a cigar. Started I think even before my dad died. I do like a cigar once in a while.
- Speeding. I love driving fast and getting away with it. I don't always get away with it though.

Six I wish I had the courage for.
Honestly, I try to try everything that I think will bring me pleasure. Eventually.

Six I've abandoned or made peace with (these are all the latter).
- My love of KC and the Sunshine Band.
- Wearing a bra that makes me look like I have breasts.
- All the others from above.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wow. Between the cigars and the gassiness, you do provide your own perfumes.

I think the title of your blog tells all. It's great that you have the courage to try anything that comes along, and I would like to be more like you in that regard.

Susan said...

KC and the sunnnnshine clearly miss you. I'm sure of it.

NoRegrets said...

Ah yes Heart, saves money that way.

Susan, read the label carefully - it's abandoned or come to terms with. It's the latter for me! :-)

NoRegrets said...

Oh, and ps, I said I TRY to have the courage. I think I do, but who knows. Memory sometimes fails me. DBN might weigh in.

DBN said...

Don't forget trashy romantic novelS! That is probalby at the top of my guilty pleasures.