Friday, November 30, 2007

Namobloplop has ended and I"m ranting

And I am off to St. Louis for a meeting and going to be technologically disconnected. So sweet dreams. I pity the poor person who has to wade through 6,000+ websites to give the prizes. I wonder what percentage did post for 30 days?

I was going to rant, but my energy has left me. Oh wait, I have a surge of energy.

What ever happened to personal and/or corporate responsibility? What ever happened to foresight? How can anyone be surprised that if corporations give out risky home loans there's going to be a good number of people who will fall on hard times because they take them and can't afford them. Why should the government bail out the people/corporations for their mistakes and make the taxpayers who are fiscally responsible (such as ME) pay for this nonsense? If the government is going to stick its big nose into this business, do it before all the bad decisions are made. Oh, wait, there's tons of people who've made big bucks by developing and selling these loans. Wonder how much our government representatives got?

I loved the episode of My Name is Earl last night. One of his prison mates reneged on some promise and sputters out that it's his parents' fault because they didn't raise him right. So Earl gets back at him by doing whatever he wants and yells out that it's because of 'so and so'. Personal responsibility - what's that? There's always a choice - blame what you do on anyone else and you are weak. Yes, it's human nature to want to do that, but more for 5 year-olds, not adults.


Churlita said...

I saw the first season of My Name is Earl and loved it, but haven't seen it since.

Tera said...

With regards to homeownership, it is definitely a buyer's market out here, I just wish I had some of the buyer's money!!! All the foreclosures are driving house values down, and owners are being forced to take sometimes as much as $35K off their asking price! It's scary what this economy has come to!

Susan said...

Ok, woman..where are you hiding..

NoRegrets said...

You should watch it Churlita. It still has good moments.
Yeah, Tera, I've started to see the foreclosure signs here too. It could have been so avoidable.
Susan, now you know.