Monday, November 26, 2007

Two for Tuesday

I know it's supposed to be songs from the same artist, but I'm adapting it to suit my needs.

Oh, no, there goes Tokyo! I never knew this song existed until this past weekend. Godzilla! Every Saturday they used to have Creature Double Feature, and I'd be glued to the TV set along with my brothers. So I grew up with Godzilla.

New Music I Bought - Big Blood. 'Course, any band with an accordion has gotta be great... I looked on YouTube but there was no good song. Go to WFMU archives and scroll down a page and look for Big Blood - A Friendly Noose. Great song. There's also Alison Kraus and Robert Plant playing together a little before that.

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Susan said...

This is a post after my own heart. You know how I love music..