Monday, August 10, 2009

Internet Radio Man

And here he is - taking a picture of me with his iphone.

When we spoke on the phone IRM had a lot of ideas. One of which I liked, but which was the most 'dangerous'. Have him drive us somewhere secluded and take a hike.

And being the person I am, I was up for it, as long as I met him in person beforehand. So, we met for a late breakfast. He walks in and we chat. I actually bought him breakfast, in part because he gave me his driver's license so I could text all the pertinent information to my friend B in SF.

So, off we went! It was a great day and great to be outside. We hiked up a steep trail, with a ladder on it even, and then hiked down lots of steps. Avoiding poison oak like the plague. Then, just across the road was a hike down to the ocean and some huts, and we wandered the shoreline. Apparently he deposited some of his aunt's ashes in that spot, so we sat and just watched the waves for a bit.

We/I tried to call the radio talk show when it was time, but noone picked up. Which is a shame since, as I listened to the archives, they could have really used the call.

As we drove to his favorite seafood spot for dinner, I found out he really considered it a blind date. Which was fine, though I wasn't interested really. He asked me about my marriage, and we talked about relationships. Fine fine. After parking in a spot just a few inches bigger than his car, we went to dinner. I should have gotten what he got (tuna with wasabi butter - it was sooooo good), but it was still good.

Then he drove me to my friend's and dropped me off, giving me a hug goodbye. It really was a great day.

Of course, in the report back to the station, he wants to make up some sort of sex story. Whatever.


EsLocura said...

why don't we all make up some sort of sex story? wouldn't that be fun? glad your back : )

laura b. said...

haha! Since he wanted to make up a sex story with you, maybe all those tweets you read were also made up :-) Sounds like he turned out to be a nice guy and even without made-up sex this was a good story.

Susan said...

Hah. How about y'all let me make up the sex story? I need a hobby this week of pet sitting.

Pamela said...

OK, you guys make up the sex story. I was simply going to say that we ran off to Reno and got married, a la Brittany Spears.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

He is a man afterall.. They make up sexy stories to tell their guys Glad you had a good time.. he is kinda cute..

Tara said...

I would've been a bit hesitant on going on a secluded hike, but it sounds like you had a really nice time! Hiking, sitting on the beach and dining. Good times!

Tara said...

PS: You've been tagged to be the next word chooser for Saturday Scavenger Shots! :)

Ananda girl said...

Maybe it was his fantasy of what he wished he had been brave enough to suggest, but did not out of respect for you. I agree with Mrs. Harry woman... men do these things and so do women! Especially if they are insecure. We all want to be seen as sexually desired.

crazy4coens said...

ananda and i have talked about this - we do think that men like to make up sex stories and they don't quite get it that women don't appreciate the stories like men do.

i am glad you had a good day!

Mel said...

Well now--wasn't THAT an adventure and a half.

Perhaps there can be a repeat!
Ummmm.........that would include another 'no sex story', of course!

And if it's a be it! ;-)

Sebastien said...

Come on, I want a murderously hilarious sex story. And if you could somehow, tangentially include fire-breathing mini-floating bears into the story, well, that would be the best fun of all!

IRM sounds promising!

Churlita said...

It sounds really nice. I need one of those kind of blind dates..Or any date at all might be nice at this point.