Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mi's in town!

My friend Mi (obviously not her real name) is in town from Brazil. She's native Japanese and worked with me at my last job. It was great to see her - she hasn't changed since I last saw her. Feisty is a great word.

What's funny is that she used to be very traditional Japanese... that is before she met me. I seem to have had somewhat of an effect on her.

One of the first trips we did together was to Japan, actually. Hokkaido island (and I think I spelled that wrong). We both managed to get an afternoon off together, and we went to a local noodle house (amazing udon soup and tempura) and then to a bath house, which is very traditional Japanese. The bath house was HUGE. And, you must go completely naked. Mi was verrrrry surprised when I just stripped down to nothing without a problem. She just said tonight how that might not have been the best idea, at least from her perspective. Immediately that day and afterwards I would say in a sing-song voice "I saw Mi naked".

So, at work, I tended to speak my mind. What a surprise. Mi would sit there and look at me and wonder at the words coming out of my mouth. She also was taken advantage of by our boss, and I would counsel her to the best of my ability, and try to get her to stand up for herself. Over time, Mi started changing a bit and now it's to the point where we're like twin sisters - personality-wise. Now, I'm not saying it was all me. I wish! Because I like her a lot. No, not in that way....

Mi signs. So the table tonight was a combination of Japanese speakers (her sister and friend), English speakers, and deaf people. Great combination. Though Mi was not very excited to hear I had gotten rid of my sign language books. Oh well!

What a wonderful evening after a very pissy day. And I biked home in the dark in the beautiful weather, meat rumbling in my belly.


laura b. said...

Sounds like you definitely influenced Mi in a completely positive way.
And I'm glad your day only got better :-)

Churlita said...

I'm glad you were able to end your pissy day so well.

Pamela said...

Thanks both. It was more of a pissy afternoon, but it ended well.

Ananda girl said...

I'm glad that ended well for you. Your friends Mi sounds fun.