Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bird goodbye

We got all the final crap out of M's house yesterday to my place and cleaned. I ended up getting a migraine but took drugs in time for us to go eat.

But that's not what this is about.

I'm getting sentimental about birds. I'll miss the bird families at my place. Scraggly robin, morning dove pair, whatever that grey bird is that immediately comes over when Billy goes outside.

At M's place, he tended to throw leftover food into the ivy. Kept the squirrels fed, a fox maybe, certainly rabbits, and likely a crow. Several weeks ago we sat on his deck eating and a crow came to get a piece of food in the lawn. He looked at us, and I put some food on the table across the deck. He looked at us, hopped up on the railing, looked at us, hopped some more, looked at us, hopped onto the table, looked at us, and looked sideways at the food, picked it up and flew off. Five minutes later he comes back and looks at us. So we threw some food across the porch, and he goes through the same process.

Yesterday I said goodbye to the crow. I went outside to throw old vegetables out, and immediately the crow flies over and lands in the tree, looking at me. I said hi, and went inside to get something - ended up being a piece of cheese. So I broke it into pieces and left it on the railing, and went inside. The crow flew down, cawed, and then proceeded to pick up as much as he could in his beak, a piece at a time. It was pretty damn funny. And then he flew off.

I thought that was the end so I threw the rest in the back, since we were getting ready to leave. 5-10 minutes later I hear a caw. Look out and he's in the tree. So I ran quickly and got a piece of bread and left it on the railing. Didn't see him take it, but later as I got into the car I heard a caw. Poor guy has lost a source of food. :-)

Sorry still no time to read... :-(


Stray Cat said...

Always difficult to leave beings we are attached to. Onward to new home, new wildlife, new directions, . . .

laura b. said...

That crow sounds very engaging.

And you will soon make new bird friends.

Churlita said...

I'm sure that crow will find new food sources. They're usually pretty ballsy that way. I can't wait to hear about your new bird friends in California. There are so many in the Bay Area.

Mel said... birdie friends will happen. i've no doubt you'll see to it.
But I'm sure Mr. Crow will miss you greatly.