Monday, June 21, 2010


Pieces of the life are being chipped away.
- Just dropped off the 5 crates of vinyl at the music store. $75 is what we got.
- Couch is mostly out the door, despite having cat scratches in various places.

Went away for the weekend to M's unofficial high school reunion. Mostly it was a nice time - met some really interesting and nice people. And stayed at his high school best friend's house, who married his friend from college, so they know him a long time. And they are great. Only irritating thing that happened was towards the end of the evening a large man in godawful shorts lumbers over to me 'I heard you're the youngest person here! Is that true? [turns around] Lookee here - M's got the youngest person here! And his wife says to me after that something like "You are really young and we really should hate you but you seem like a nice person". Whatever. Of course I thought of the good comebacks later, like "Yeah, I'm the youngest, and I also seem to be the most mature!"

M's right now getting his birthday (February) massage. The man can't relax until everything's done, and we're not settled in CA yet so it's all not done. He relaxed a little this weekend, but we hit the border of our state and we started arguing. Don't ever move. It sucks. Unless it leads to a great new place. Which I'm hoping CA will be - the promised land.

Oh, also another lesson learned - if you're going to be a consultant for your job after you leave it, calculate your hourly rate on more than just your salary. All said and done, I'm a little more than minimum wage - not worth the headache in this instance.

OK, my 5 minute break is over. Hope everyone is well and hope to read stuff soon-ish (may still be a couple weeks).


laura b. said...

If bickering is going to occur, having it occur during a stressful time like a move seems normal :-)

Enjoy being the youngest anywhere you go! They were just jealous and not at all subtly!

Ananda girl said...

Must be the former class clown. I think reunions have a reverse maturity affect on them.

Moving is so stressful. But I think you are going to the promise land... and your future is looking very bright. Yay!

Churlita said...

I think most people are the weirdest and meanest when they feel threatened. I'd take it as a compliment.

Good luck with everyone. I bickered with myself when I moved. It sucked so bad and I didn't have anyone else to get pissy with. It's unavoidable.

Tara said...

That crowd was a little too hung up on age, weren't they? Sheesh! What was the big deal?

Mel said...

Couch, vinyl....more progress!

It gets closer and closer and closer, eh?