Monday, June 28, 2010

A crate

The packed POD.

Sittin' on a crate at my computer. I'm not in CA. Will be there Thursday. In the meantime I empty my house of stuff and try not to go insane. One help was today's massage - long overdue. It is good or bad that the masseuse said that he'd like to take me home? No, silly, not for bad reasons. But because I had/have so many spots to be worked on. I'm like a textbook. And I'm willing to take the pain to work through stuff. "I could spend a half hour on one piece of your back alone."

Tomorrow's my last training session. Sad... :-( Here's a funny funny photo of him stretching my neck at the end of a session. I took the photo. Where's my head? Hard to see... Big black man attacking me! [I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it.]

I need to shower and then sleep. But I'll just say that bad cell phone stuff does not help a relationship. M did not get either of my voice mails today, and he swears he called me from one of his stops, and I have no message. I was worried about him, especially since he's been saying how he's trying to avoid thunderstorms.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and will try and catch up. Yeah yeah, said that before.


Tara said...

So the masseusse wanted to take you home for homework? ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed the massage, with all of that packing, moving and travelling, you needed it!

Ananda girl said...

I can't wait for all this to be over for you. No wonder you are all knotted up!

Cell phones can be a real pain.

Churlita said...

Good luck and it will all be over soon. I'm still excited for you.

laura b. said...

I'm glad you are getting worked over...worked all worked through? All of that.
Thinking good thoughts for both you and M to arrive safely. You'll be together and all this cell phone nonsense will be behind you. Yay!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

With all that's going on.. getting a massage will help release some of that stress.. Cell phones are a real pain sometimes..

Mel said...

It's THURSDAY!!!! :-)

Welcome to California!!