Sunday, June 6, 2010

You blink and it's Sunday

Last I wrote was Thursday AM. Amazing.

So, Thursday afternoon we had a huge storm come through with torrential rain for at least 10 minutes. Lots and lots of water. And what happened last year when we had lots and lots of water? With my inspection coming up tomorrow/Monday?

Thankfully it did not end like last year. The water didn't really go down but there wasn't enough to make it rise quickly like it did before. I actually went over M's Thurs night (mostly because I had doctor's appointments right near him and it made no sense for me to be home - I had a triple play of doctors...woo hoo!) But I got back and the water had risen. I fully expected to have to do some major correction. But the neighbor recommended their plumber and he came over. He told me he thought he could clear it, and would like to try, and if it didn't work he wouldn't charge me. I looked at him and asked what it meant for it to be clear, because last year they opened it up and look I had the problem again. A bucket of water running down clean.

So, I let him try and in a couple minutes it was open. And I was taught a very valuable lesson by him, as he cleared my steps and cleaned off the drain area. He showed me how much crap really is there and how important it is to clean it every week at least. We got a lint trap in, and he sent a bucket of water down the steps, and even though it looked clean, there was enough crap to almost close up the drain filter he had put in. Sheepish me. A $300 lesson. Oh well - I have paperwork showing my idiocy and the reason for the flood last year and that the carpet will be ok. Hopefully! But, as the neighbor said, it's part of living in these houses - big rain comes you get the sandbag.

Oh, so the cancer dead husband lady wrote on the house two doors down. So my first thought was that she and the guy buying my house would meet and fall in love. If he's not gay. I could be part of FATE for these two! ha.

Wish I could tell you something exciting. OH! M's plane had problems so we had to drive 1 hour away on Sat to look at it and see if he could fly it back home. So we had a forced vacation. I had just borrowed The Help and I sat there devouring it. And then M was indeed able to fly his plane home, so I had to drive to the airport in his great car with great sound system. Blasting Traffic's John Barleycorn Must Die album flying down a 4 lane country byway with the windows open.

I stopped at the farm I got married. Just to say goodbye. It was just closing a chapter. Not really any pangs. I'm happy to be moving forward with M, no matter how stressful all this has been, I know it's right.

I finished The Help this morning. Really very good - read it!


Ananda girl said...

Thanks for the book tip. The drive sounded wonderful. Closing those doors is a good thing. I am so happy for you that things are working out. That's exciting to me!

laura b. said...

I'm glad you got the water issue under control...that must have been nerve wracking.

M is a pilot?!?! Wow. That is really cool.

NoRegrets said...

You are welcome! And it's exciting to me, but exhausting as all hell right now.

I guess I picked the window right Churlita - I had no problems at that time.

M is indeed a pilot. Pretty cool.