Monday, March 7, 2011

Action Packed

The interview went well, and we'll see if they pick me to continue to round 2. I think I will get to that point, but I could be surprised. It's all making me think...

After the interview I drove to a motel, so I could get up early and go skiing. It was a really cute family run business with a neat back garden/yard area. Though with a few freaky things, below.


Oh deer.

It just so happened, as often happens to me, that nearby was a thrift store. They just are attracted to me! I went in and found these below - a Video disc the size of a record album. I had never ever seen them before. I almost bought one, but figured I could just take a photo instead.

A star is born

They also had a bunch of 45's, and I bought a Sesame Street one because it had an accompanying book, and I thought it was really interesting. And for 25 cents, why not?

I went skiing by myself and tried to challenge myself. I got on a couple black diamond runs. The photo below is at the top of a real one. Stand on that edge, and it's almost a vertical drop down below. !!! But I didn't die.
The edge

I got back later than expected, and then we went out yesterday evening to the Banff Film festival, which was great. So, I was a bit tired and migraine-y this morning, but took it easy since I can (only working half time) and all seems to be well.

I know, sorry, I have to catch up with people's blogs...


laura b. said...

Glad to hear the interview went well!

I remember those laserdics, but don't think I ever knew anyone who adopted that technology.

I like the skiing view, but wouldn't care to fling myself over a cliff. You're so daring!

Mel said... way would I go down that hill on skis.

k.....maybe on a cool sled.....

Bones, huh?
*humming theme to Twilight Zone*
Bones. :-/

Tara said...

I'm glad the interview went so well! Keeping my fingers crossed that they call you back in for a 2nd!

Okay, the deer statue I'm okay with, but the bones? The family's name wasn't Bates, was it?

Tara said...
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Churlita said...

Good luck on getting to the next interview phase.

We had a video disc player in the 80's. Hilarious.

Pamela said...

Thanks Laura! I didn't exactly fling... not at all.

Mel, bones, yes. I think it was supposed to be a Southwest theme - ish. In a sled on that hill, you would die. Really.

Tara, keep them crossed! I actually might even want the job. No, they weren't Bates...

Thanks Churlita! Seriously, I did not know that technology existed. I guess my parents skipped it due to lack of funds.