Monday, March 28, 2011


So, highlight of the weekend was going skiing for a day on Sunday. They've gotten a lot of snow so really looked forward to it. What do I mean by a lot of snow? That's the parking lot mound.

I carpooled with 3 others. The driver was a nice guy, but he really likes to listen to comedy on Sirius radio (snippets of comedians). I guess there's 4 or 5 stations on it, one of which is Crude or Raw or something like that. So, add my general neutral to negative desire to listen to comedy and raunchy/rude humor, and it was a little not so fun. I couldn't block it out either... It's funny that the one person I laughed at was Rodney Dangerfield. I must be old.

It was a great day to try lots of things since they had had so much snow. I went to the top of a really intimidating Wall (it was windy and cloudy):

Also went into the trees, though with not enough downhill power to keep me going, so I had to get out of my skis. And promptly was knee/thigh deep in snow. Took one really interesting fall in which my skis ended up tips down, parallel, and I got thrown off of them. Also took one fall in which I heard crack crack crack up or down my neck (each vertebra) - I didn't get paralyzed though so that was good.

When I get home and take a shower, I see the stress points on my feet (heel and side of the upper foot) from the ski boots. Hmm... can't be good. Oh well!

Some sky shots on the way home.


Tara said...

Those sky shots are intense! I love that first one!

I'm glad you were able to ski this weekend. I'm sorry about the bad comedy and the falling, though.

laura b. said...

Sounds like once you got there it was mostly great. That is an unbelievable amount of snow. I guess this has been a pretty good season for people who enjoy snow sports

Tera said...

I love the photos of the sky!!! B-E-A-Utiful!

Churlita said...

Where do you ski? Tahoe? It looks gorgeous.