Sunday, March 20, 2011

a potato in the oven

I went this weekend to help a friend with her rental - prepare it to show and rent out April 1, hopefully... Yesterday was the first day she had gotten in there. OMG. What a disgusting horrid state it was left in. I'm not exaggerating. First off, let me say she at first defended him, saying that he always paid on time or before, and didn't cause any trouble. It's the first time she rented.

I wish I had taken pictures, because it's just too amazing to believe. And apparently I didn't even get to see the potato he left in the oven. Cobwebs everywhere and lots of them. I shudder just thinking of it (I hate hate hate cobwebs). One year old carpet completely trashed. Tape left around the windows where he was supposed to paint, and maybe did a year ago. Burn/oil marks on the linoleum countertop. Mold everywhere in the shower and fridge. Pieces of various appliances, countertops, outlet covers, walls - missing. The new blinds - bent and destroyed. In all the rooms.

I can't even go on. And the SMELL. Ugh. After a couple hours, she moved to not being able to speak his name. Ugh. She didn't get a deposit from him, but he had paid for all of March, so she has some money from that. Not enough to cover all the damages though. Ugh.

So, we started cleaning and fixing. I was not required to clean the fridge or shower, thankfully. I patched walls, cleaned countertops, washed windows, etc. Doesn't feel like much, but it did look so much better after a day of work. We went to ReStore to look for things, but didn't find much, and went to Goodwill also. I happened to mention that I liked her hammered aluminum cups (I sort of collect it), and we get back to her place, and she gives me the set of six. Very nice, and couldn't be dissuaded.

She felt really guilty that we didn't do much/anything. She wanted to do something today, and I mentioned that the only thing that would be nice would be to go to an olive place. So, she pulls out a bottle of olive oil - the first pressing of the first batch of olives from her friend's house.

I jokingly said, hey, I have a big car and can take some furniture. She looked around for something to give me - kind of joking. I had to say No No No!!! :-)

In any event, a nice weekend. It's good to pay it forward a little. Apparently she helped me with one of my houses, so, she didn't feel so bad with me helping all weekend...

I seem to be fascinated by the light and clouds out here...


3GirlKnight said...

I wonder what ever happened to parents teaching their kids to take care of other peoples stuff better than their own. Not all bachelors are disgusting though. I hope.

laura b. said...

ha! When I read the title I thought maybe a potato in the oven was like a bun in the oven :-)

It was nice of you to help your friend out...sounds like that tenant was fiscally responsible, but a monsterous pig.

Tara said...

What in the world was that guy doing there during that time?...You know what, maybe I dont' want to know. Apparently "rent" to him means "trash the place".

Pamela said...

2GK: My friend theorized that he was depressed. I mean, it had to be something. That place was so nasty!

Laura: my intent!

Tara: no idea what he was doing. barely living it seems. Or else he liked spiders a lot.

Churlita said...

Gross. When I moved into my house,it was awful...But maybe not that awful. It sounds like you deserved those cups.

Mel said...

Oh boy.

Paying on time is a good thing--but only good in the sense that it's on time.
Ick.....sounds like a whole lotta work and pain.