Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stuff and Nonsense

- I go to the gym often enough that they don't need to look up my name. I like that.
- The sun's in my eyes.
- I looked around this morning to see where the nasty smell was coming from, and realized it was me. (I use the same workout clothes on multiple days, until I can't stand the smell anymore. It may be time.)
- I had 1/3 bar of chocolate and several (5) cookies yesterday. Two factors led to it: girl scout cookies arrived from my sister, and spent 2 hours at REI to find a pair of hiking boots (where I bought the chocolate as I was checking out).
- I drive to the gym, which is a mile away. I know it's wasteful and expensive (given that gas is over $4 a gallon here) but I allow myself to do it.
- I got my alumni magazine yesterday. Hoity toity place. Wonder if they'd allow me to write a note to the alumni section saying I really need a job and give me one.
- If you had a disgusting tenant and were cleaning out shit they left behind, would you keep the razor if it were a good one?
- NOVA tonight is about the Japanese events. Should be interesting.
- Have discovered we get Robot Chicken, and it is now the new thing to watch. My favorites are the really quick ones that take you a minute to get (or in my case several minutes, or hours). One I remember in the last several shows was a shot showing a Seizure Center in the background (at least, some kind of Seizure treatment place) and in front of it was one of those inflated 20 foot high tubes with arms that go spastic all over to call attention to a store. Took me 10 times as long to describe it as it did to show it. Even then, not sure I described it such that you understand.
- Off to Death Valley next week. Alas for me, it's supposed to be close to 100 (which is high for April). M just got very excited about it - he likes hot dry weather.


Tera said...

NoR I hope laundry is at the tippety-top of the to-do list! Pewwwww!

Churlita said...

I would not use the razor. Who knows where it's been...Plus, razors are cheap.

laura b. said...

I don't belong to a gym, but they do know me at several restaurants in town. haha!
I might keep that is one where you put in new blades, right? So why not?
I ♥ Robot Chicken! Oh, and hot, dry weather too!

Mel said...

Ummmmmm....absolutely NO to the razor. Uh uh. Used or not--I'm going to assume it was and not want anything that might be catching.

I thought everyone got trained in "universal precautions". :-/

Squirrel said...

I hear you (smell you?) on #3. Throw out the razor. Here in the gunks, we're ramping up for another snow storm; 4-8 inches tomorrow. Yeeha! Old man winter, if you had a face I would punch it.

NoRegrets said...

Did laundry!

Re: razor, well, I was a little unsure, but turns out it's the same type that M uses, so he took it. Hopefully he sterized it.

Squirrel - build a snowman and whack it in the head with a baseball bat...